Suitable for thermoforming and sealing machines

The printer is suitable for installation on multilines packaging machines where there is a need to print variable data on multiple product packages at the same time for each production cycle.
Its strengths are the immediacy of use and the ability to create labels with a few simple gestures, thanks to the web / mobile application developed by us, which you will find installed on the tablet supplied with the printer.
The communication between the two devices takes place through a full industrial ad hoc WIFI network which makes it perfect for industry 4.0.


– Head speed: 200 or 300 mm / s programmable by application
– Maximum head stroke: based on the characteristics of the machine on which it is installed
– Number of tracks: programmable by application, it depends on the maximum stroke of the head and on the size of the labels
– Track spacing: programmable by application based on the above parameters
– Power supply: 24VDC 5A max
– Print head: 53mm, 300 Dpi
– Air pressure of use: from 3.5 to 4.5 bar