Experience Quality Innovation

We have been producing printers for several decades and we are grateful to those who have gone through this period of fruitful collaboration with us.

The high quality of our printers and our full availability of customer dialogue are our constant commitment at every stage of supplying both new equipment and spare parts, cliches or consumables.

We are now joining our traditional hot foil printers with a new innovative product: the TB53i thermal transfer printer with tablet digital control by dedicated App. The incredible simplicity of use and easy creation of even very complicated print texts made from the control tablet will surprise you!

Barban hot printers for your continuous, intermittent or multi-head machines

  • An innovative thermal transfer printer

  • Printers for medium-sized prints

  • Hot foil printers for medium large size prints

  • Rotary printers

  • Multi heads hot foil printers

  • Adaptations for specific requirements

Hot foil printers for labeling and boxing machines

  • Printers for medium-sized prints

  • Hotfoil printers for medium large prints

  • Prolonged printers

Accessories and consumables

  • Supports

  • Printer control

  • Type holders

  • Metal types and cliches

  • Hot Foil

  • Ribbon for thermal transfer

  • Hot Ink Rollers