For hot foil printers usable on packaging machines and labeling machines.

Size and font.

Single metal types can carry a printed character height of approximately 1.5 mm and up (2 – 2.5 – 3 – 4 – 6 – 8 … 18 – 22 – etc.). The standard font is similar to Geneva (and Helvetica or Arial). Other fonts are available on request or on sample of the customer.
The size of the single punch will be adequate to contain the selected character, engraved with a pantograph, and the type of holder plate suitable for the number of rows needed for printing on the product packaging.
Cliches and metal punches may be non-perforated for fastening with compression screw or drilled for screw-in fastening.

Cliches on metal bars

Rather than composing a single-punch text, it can be chosen to engage the full and fixed text on a metal bar piece. Example: Cliché “PRODUCTION”engraved in one piece and a series of single punches combined to engage the date eg. “03 – 09 – 17”.
On cliches of appropriate size, some lines may be engraved on long lines.
Single neutral pieces of various sizes or bars are available to complete or close the text lines in the groove.

Metal punches for RTM and RTE

For RTM and RTE rotary printers, punches and cliches of various types and sizes are available, including neutral types. The fixing is carried out with locking rubber pieces.