For printers used on packaging machines and labeling machines.

900meters is our standard length  but other lengths are available in few days, of course.

Roll’s width depends from your printer,  for our TB53i it is 55 mm (or 30 mm) but other widths are available. The plastic core has a standard diameter of 25,4 mm.

Black wax/resin ribbon is the prevalently used  which is indicated on most wrapping films.
Ribbons with  additional/less wax  or  resin are formulated for application requiring more performance and versatility, suitable for high productions.
Lastly, resin ribbons are recommended for printing on products to be sterilized or still hot products.

Other colors are available In addition to black ribbon: white,  red,  green,  gold,  silver and light blue.

To solve any print poor quality problems (imprint non resistance to rubbing, poor sharpness), we make it easier for you to find solutions if you provide us with a sample ribbon you have been using and a some of your film and we will test it for you. Obviously, a poor quality print may also be caused by incorrect printer operation (insufficient air pressure, bad printing pad, damaged print head, etc.).

The use of good quality Ribbon helps to prolong  printhead’s life, with less abrasion and minor release of dust and fragments.