Suitable for intermittent and continuos packaging machines.

It’s the easy printer! The only printer that is installed and used almost without the need to consult the user manual.

Print area:

  • TB53i: 53 × 75 mm – 53 x 120 mm
  • TB53c: 53 x 200 mm
  • TB128i: 128×75 mm
  • TB128C: 128×200 mm

900 m ribbon reel


The TB53 printer is perfect for INDUSTRY 4.0 which makes ease of use its main strength .

It is in fact the only printer for packaging and labeling machines with the software for creating and managing labels integrated in the print head.

The advantage for those who use it is that from a tablet or PC equipped with Wifi,  you can control the printer without installing any software and create any type of label with a very intuitive and modern-looking graphic interface.

From your browser, with a few clicks or with simple gestures on the touch screen, you can add barcodes, QR codes and logos, change the print layout and add dates and lots in various formats.

The use of standard communication protocols combined with the extremely flexible configuration make it compatible with all the most popular management software and suitable for highly automated production processes.

The absence of a control box to be mounted on the packaging machine also facilitates the life of the installers thanks to the smaller footprint.

Finally, its multi-connectivity allows partial or complete integration of its control interfaces in the touchscreen of the packaging machine.