IDRA 2 × 300 and 2 × 350 Multiple Heads Printers

Hot foil printers for multi head packaging machines.

Short step / long step foil advancement, made with a step motor, allows the use of very long rolls of hot foil. The result achieved with respect to other solutions (eg the SNT model) is a fewer number of rolls changes and hence less interruptions in the packaging of the product.
The printing area can be defined by the number of printheads, usually 1 to 2 lines per head. The number of heads is variable, up to 7.
Reel of pigmented hot foil up to 610 meters leghts and outside diameter up to 150 mm and 50 mm width (other sizes available).

The Idra marker is particularly suitable for printing production dates, expiration, batch number on multiple packs.

Printing occurs with pigmented hot foil and compression, with the use of heated metal types and fixed clichés.

Type holders with 2 to 4 print lines with lengths of 28 or 48 mm or other size are available, depending on the required configuration. The kind of text font can be chosen from among the various available and the height of the usual printed character is 2 to 4 mm or customized. The characters are engraved on usually single brass punches, or on brass bars with text engraving.
See sheet Punzoni

The Idra printer can also be installed in continuous packing machines, with an adequate supporting structure.

The Idra printing group can be completed with the provision of customized support and power control unit, in addition to the quantity and size of print types desired.

See also accessories parts.