Rotary hot printer model RTE suitable for continuous packing machines.

The rotation of the printer is carried out by wrapping film movement. Hot and rotary printers for medium sized overprinting with Hot ink rollers.

Print area ca. 32 × 27 mm
Hot ink rollers Ø36 × 32 mm, various colors

The RTE marker is particularly suitable for printing output dates, expiration, batch number, weights and other similar texts up to 8 to 10 lines of print.

The printing process takes place by hot ink released from thermoplastic hot ink rollers under slight pressure and during rotation on metallic types and fixed clichés. While rotating the ink loaded onto types produces the printing on the packaging film.

The kind of text font can be chosen from among some available and the height of the usual printed character is 2 to 3 mm up to 10 mm or customized. Printing takes place at a repetitive rate and position of 80 mm on the film at a step not synchronized with the product packaging. Use the RTM model if you want the printing to be synchronized with the size of product packaging.

Modified versions are designed to meet specific customer needs.