For hot foil printers usable on packaging machines and labeling machines.

Length 183 meters, other dimensions (in multiples of 61 m) on request.

The width of the tape roll is usually the same carried by the printer various models (from 30 to 50 to 80 to 100 mm), but other sizes can be obtained on request. The inner cardboard core has a diameter of 25 mm.

Various kind of hot foil colors are available although the prevailing use for printing on packages is in black and white (ready for delivery), then gold, silver, red, green and blue, even metalized.

Universal-defined tape is used for encoding on food and non-food packaging , with printing of expiration date, lot nr. and the like, on easy-to-print wraps (largely they are), with impressions without strain and good scrub resistance.

If the print quality does not meet, due to poor pigment holding or poor sharpness, a type of tape most suitable for the wrapping film can be searched. In any case, check the correct printer setting (pressure, temperature, print time, etc.).
We will run the test prints for you and propose the possible solution if you send us a piece of your wrapping film.