CX-D / S series hot foil printers for installation on labeling and boxing machines.

For medium and large overprinting.

Model CX50-D / S (right / left) 50×50 mm
Model CX80-D / S (right / left) 50×80 mm
Model CX100-D / S (right / left) 50×100 mm

Print area 50 mmX 50/80/100 mm
183 m hot foil rolls (up to 305 m)

The serie CX-D / S is made for installation on labeling and boxing machines, intended to facilitate assembly and use.
CX-D/S are particularly suitable for text printing with product name and content or ingredients description, EAN code, date of production, expiration, lot number, weights, and the like

Printing occurs with pigmented hot foil , compression, and the use of heated metal types and fixed clichés. . Large-size texts (eg list of ingredients, content, product names, and EAN codes) can also be executed on magnesium plate cliché.

Type holders with 2 to 6 print lines with 48 to 98 mm lengths or other sizes according to the required configuration are available. The font can be chosen from among the available variables and the height of the usual printed character is 2 – 3 – 4 – 6 – 8 – 10 – 12 mm or customized.

The CX marker can also be installed in continuous packing machines, with the help of a barbell holder