Hot Ink Rollers

For RTM and RTE rotary printers usable on packaging machines

Polyurethane rubber rollers impregnated with patented inks of non-toxic pigments, resins and additives, CE product.

Outside Ø appr. 36 mm
Length ca. 32 mm (also 16 mm)
Internal Ø approx. 11 mm
Standard printing temperature 135-165 °C

Standard color black or white. Red, blue, green, yellow colors are also available.
Hot ink rollers of other two other alternative printing temperature levels are available to solve critical issues and improve print quality on some product wraps.

The type of film on which printing takes place, print speed, text size, and ink temperature contribute to determining the roll life and print quality on the product. Contact us for specific analyzes.

For our rotary printers RTM and RTE models we propose the supply of high quality and long lasting ink cartridges of european production. The production process and in the choice of raw materials  is continually improved.

Please note that after a period of time, black and dark colored rollers can adopt a slightly gray appearance. It’s normal. When inserted into the printer and heated, the effect disappears immediately and this does not affect print performance in any way.

The versatile formulation delivers clean, densely-colored and well-defined prints with excellent scratch and stretch resistance, applied to a wide range of packaging films such as polyethylene, polypropylene, nylon and polyester, paper and other surface treated materials. All sizes are packed with 25 rollers per tray. Special colors and other non-standard inks may be subject to minimum order quantities. All inks last for more than two years. All of the ink rollers mentioned above are made of non-toxic raw materials. Data sheets are available on request.

Hot ink printers can usually make small adjustments to the amount of pressure applied from the drum to the roller. This adjustment should be used to overcome any problems caused by the modest variation of the outer diameter of the individual ink formulations. This setting is important because it controls the amount of ink removed from each print from the roll. Too much ink removal will cause a reduced print run time, while too little produces poor or even incomplete impressions. You should place the print on a white or other color film area that gives a good contrast. In the case of longitudinal printing to the film, to optimize the consumption of thermal ink, you can turn the cartridge on the other side (16 mm cartridge available). With one line of writing (one date), 80-100,000 prints pro roller can be obtained in optimal working conditions.

It is good practice to deactivate printer heating systems when not used for long periods to preserve ink integrity and promote optimum print life. REACH data and Material Safety Data Sheets: Contact us if you need a specification sheet for one of our products.

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