For hot foil printers usable on packaging machines and labeling machines

Along with each printer, is expected a brass holder plate and a brass types kit with numbers and letters sufficient to compose the expiration date or any other print text required.

Holder plates usually have grooves of 6 or 8 mm (also 2 mm, 3 mm, 10 mm etc.) to accommodate types and cliches.
The height of the punches is fixed by 10 mm (or other measures on request).
Some standard punch types are available for ready delivery. Standard types for 6 mm grooves the types are 6x2H2 and 6x3h3mm. For 8 mm grooves the standard types measure 8x4h4mm (h4 mm printed font height).

Depending on the client’s printing needs, the various configurations of the holder are provided for housing numbers or individual letters combined with cliché or magnesium-engraved plates or rotary numerators to compose even complex printing texts.

Also for RTM and RTE rotary printers, in addition to standard size 3 mm zamak single types, there are custom brass cliches and brass ring type holders