For hot foil printers usable on packaging machines and labeling machines.

Along with the printers, we provide on request the support structure for both intermittent and continuous packing machines and for installation on label machines. The supports are mainly made of aluminum. On request, they may be partially in stainless steel.

In the case of very large supports, the printer can be fastened to rectangular bars rather than cylindrical rods, to reduce the flexion during printing.

The dimensioning of the support takes place on measures communicated by the customer based on the size of the packaging machine.

To install our hot foil printers on a continuous packaging machine, a support equipped with a film movement device can be used, which at the time of printing stops film movement for the shortest time needed to print without interruption of the continuous cycle of the packaging machine.

The support of RTM and RTE rotary printers has a special rubberized roller on which the wrap film runs while printing.