For hot printers usable on packaging machines and labeling machines.

Hot printers can be controlled by an electrical or electronic control unit, or by the packaging machine or labeling machine own PLC.

The control unit monitors a printing time, usually 0.2 to 0.4 seconds (the compression time of types on the packaging film), and the heating temperature of the metal types, about 120-130 °C.
It will also send the print command (coming from the machine) to the solenoid valve that drives both the print piston and the pigmented hot foil feed piston.

The currently available control units are adapted to the control requirements of the various printers.
For DATA and CX models in various versions, the control unit provides the thermoregulation and timing control unit . The same is used for SNT models (wiring modified by having the solenoid valve inside the printer).
The IDRA printer has its own controller that can handle specific foil feed (short steps + long step).
The controller for RTE printers has only a thermoregulation.
Printers installed on very fast packaging machines can be equipped with an appropriate V4000 electronic control unit.
The RTM Rotary Marker instead has its own TDE electronic control unit.

Finally our new thermal transfer printer TB53i, has no need for any dedicated control unit. The control takes place conveniently by tablet or PC with preloaded App, which allows maximum ease of use.